Welcome to Aize Apparel

We are ex athletes that want to bring a fresh look to the fitness/sports industry. As athletes we are constantly demanding the most out of ourselves and teammates. We see a standard that is set for greatness and are always reaching to surpass what other people have done. 

Our clothing line is about looking in the mirror and giving yourself that small extra motivation to release that alter ego that we all carry. It is about looking at your teammate and understanding we are all there to compete and be the best possible athletes we can be. 

Aize Apparel seeing and implanting self esteem. We want each individual athlete to believe they are worth more, can be more, and are already working towards being more. As a whole we believe that self motivation is the only way to break through into becoming the superior athlete and human being that we are all meant to become. 

This line is for all of those moments in the teams weight room, the days running on the beach alone, and the games along side your brothers and sisters all focused towards one common objective. Be the best we can be! 

Aize Apparel, We See All of you that have ever felt underestimated and told you cannot do or become something. We Believe you can and are becoming exactly what you set out to be!


This is Me, so you know who you are working with.